Don’t Let Standing Water Jeopardize Your Space

Don’t Let Standing Water Jeopardize Your Space

Hire Findlay, OH’s Jolliff Cleaning Solutions for water restoration

A little water may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly lead to a serious mold problem if left unchecked. Jolliff Cleaning Solutions offers water restoration services that will dry your place out and make it like new again in no time. Our team will use a moisture meter to determine how wet your surfaces are and draw up a plan to combat the moisture. We’ll bring in a specialized extractor to press into your carpets and padding and rid your floors of all moisture. From there, we’ll clean and sanitize any areas that were exposed to the water and eliminate any bacteria.

We’ll bring in heavy-duty drying equipment to dry out all of your surfaces and restore your space in a timely manner. Schedule your water extraction appointment with Jolliff Cleaning Solutions today.

Hire Jolliff Cleaning Solutions for quality water restoration services

If you have a space in need of water restoration, reach out to Jolliff Cleaning Solutions of Findlay, Ohio. We can extract water from:

  • Carpets
  • Walls
  • Base boards
  • Hardwood floors

Learn more by calling Jolliff Cleaning Solutions at 419-890-2415.